Weird Science-Fantasy

The comic was a merger of two previous bi-monthly titles, Weird Science and Weird Fantasy, which ran from 1950 to 1953, both ending at issue No. 22. Because of the losses suffered from those two comics, Gaines and Feldstein combined the two into a single comic and published it quarterly. The comic reverted back to a bi-monthly schedule with issue No. 27 in January/February 1955.

No. 23 March 1954

“The Children” Children are taken away from their parents for experimentation in a post apocalyptic world…

“Fish Story” A species of fish creatures encounter man for the first time…

“The Flying Machine” A man builds a beautiful flying machine and the emperor has him executed, fearing that flight will bring danger…

“Fair Trade” A group of indigenous Indians leave their native land for material goods; they called their “Manhattan”!

No. 24 June 1954

“…For Posterity” Men are kidnapped by a civilization of women, in order to reproduce in their sterile society.

“The Teacher from Mars” A Martian arrives on Earth to teach about the hardships of being a Martian, and to gain acceptance from those who are different.

“The Pioneer” A man attempts to be the first to successfully time travel, but there are some casualties on the way…

“Upheaval!” Space explorers try to find a life form higher than their own, but didn’t expect it to be a planet!

No. 25 September 1954

“Flying Saucer Report” A man writes reports about the UFO sightings that the government covers up, but the man really isn’t a man at all…

“A Sound of Thunder” A group of men goes on a safari into the prehistoric past…

“Bellyful” A man with a tapeworm ends up in the belly of a beast, hungry and looking for food!

“Harvest” A robot routinely grows crops every year, but after discovering the ugly truth of his existence, he begins to ponder deeper meanings…

No. 26 December 1954

“The Eastern Airlines Case” A brilliant, cigar-shaped craft is spotted near Montgomery, Alabama.

“The Gorman-Fargo, N.D. Case” Lt. George F Gorman follows a mysterious light in North Dakota.

“The Mantell-Godman Case” A flying saucer is sighted in Kentucky.

“The Muroc Air Force Base Case” Another flying saucer sighting!

“The United Airlines Emmett, Idaho Case” Five discs sighted in Idaho!

“Was This the Answer?” A giant explosion was sighted on the surface of Mars…is this a sign of intelligent life?

“The Dec. 27, 1949 Release” A Release states that flying saucer sightings pose no real threat…

“1950 Sightings”

“1951 Sightings”

“1952 Sightings”

“The Utah Pictures” Major Donald E. Keyhoe managed to video tape a formation of flying saucers.

“The Indianapolis Case” A “controlled aircraft” is spotted.

“Nash-Fortenbery Case” 8 saucers flying in formation are spotted in Miami, Florida.

“The River Edge, N.J. Case” While sitting on his porch, a man spots a glowing orange ball in the sky.

“Saucers Over Washington, D.C.” Flying saucers fly over the Capitol Building!

“The 1952 Hamilton A.F.B. Case” Unidentified “pips” are detected on a radar screen in San Francisco.

“Recent Developments” The United State military secretly prepares for an invasion…

“To Summarize This Report…” When are you going to tell us the truth about the flying saucers? 

No. 27 January/February 1955

“Adaptability” An entirely man-made world hurls through space!

“Close Shave” An engaged couple deceives each other for hairy reasons…

“4th Degree” A teacher tries to teach a scientist that there’s more to life than facts…

“I, Robot” A robot journals his creation, development, and reason for pulling his own plug…

No. 28 March/April 1955

“The Inferiors” Space explorers find a civilization of man far evolved from themselves.

“Lost in Space” Myra longs for Jim who is back on Earth, but she’s lost in space!

“Round Trip” Henry’s dream continues to grow after all the places he’s lived…

“The Trial of Adam Link” A nephew defends his uncle’s robot, the same robot that killed his uncle!

No. 29 May/June 1955

“The Chosen One” Parents of an exceptional intelligent child get visitors from outer space requesting the chosen one…

“Vicious Circle” An old, wise cave man explains the power of the law through history, when men used to in shining towers…

“Genesis” A man reflects on colonization of Mars and the birth of Martians.

“Adam Link in Business” The townspeople express their gratitude for the convicted robot and Kay confesses her love…

Incredible Science-Fiction

In the summer of 1955, there was yet another title change as Weird Science-Fantasy became Incredible Science Fiction for the final four issues.

No. 30 July/August 1955

“Clean Start” A man gets another chance, after his race is deemed evil and bloodthirsty, but in another form!

“Marbles” Flying in space can make someone lose their marbles!

“Conditioned Reflex” The professor explains the history of a planet of the star Alpha Centauri!

“Barrier” Something or someone has caged Earth in…

No. 31 September/October 1955

“You, Rocket” The ship is you and you are the ship. Your skin is an alloy harder than diamond. Your skeleton is beryl steel.

“Fulfillment” The Worshippers of Ra’s prophecy was fulfilled by vacationers….

“Time to Leave” A doctor from 1955 discovers travels to the future, but is quickly prompted to return the moment he arrives!

“Has-Been” Space is for the young, who can live their dreams, but we all have to grow up sometime…

No. 32 November/December 1955

“Fallen Idol” The others groveled in the dust before the God, but he did not. He knew this “God” was what the old ones had called a…robot!

“Food for Thought” Man finally returns to a lush Earth and the vegetation is out to eat them!

“The Ultimate Weapon” Fear…Gentleman! Fear is the ultimate weapon! Those who fear are easily conquered!

“Marked Man” A man lives by an unpopular and harsh code, but to him, the loneliness was worth it…

No. 33 January/February 1956

“Big Moment” In a world of gigantic animals, only one kind of life has changed, down through the ages: Man.

“Kaleidoscope” Davis has a dream that he’ll one day be free from the Venusians and see all the glorious colors of war…

“One Way Hero” An Earthling develops a fear of space and is stuck on Mars!

“An Eye for an Eye” A man runs away from all that is different and fails to realize that he’s the different one.


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By Dave McNary

John Landis will direct "Ghoulishly Yours, William M. Gaines," a biopic based on the life of the publisher of EC Comics and Mad magazine.

Landis will develop the project with Joel Eisenberg, who's also penning the screenplay.

Pic's centered on an anti-establishment group of artists and writers, led by a reluctant Gaines and cohort Al Feldstein, as they produce their comicbooks. At the peak of his success, Gaines became a First Amendment figurehead due to his unapologetic testimony before a Senate subcommittee investigating juvenile delinquency.

Landis most recently helmed "Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project" for HBO. Eisenberg is a partner in production concern EMO Films with Tim Owens.


By Ann Horndady

Everywhere You Look, 'Crypt' and More 'Crypt'

WILLIAM M. GAINES must be spinning in his grave, albeit happily. Mr. Gaines, who published the macabre comic-book series "Tales From the Crypt" in the early 1950's, would probably never have predicted that those slightly schlocky cartoons featuring the creepy Crypt Keeper as host would someday become a BILLION-DOLLAR industry...




By Richard Corliss Thursday, Apr. 29, 2004

Mr. Beaser: Is there any limit you can think of that you would not put in a magazine because you thought a child should not see or read about it?

Mr. Gaines: My only limits are the bounds of good taste, what I consider good taste.

Sen. Kefauver [alluding to the cover illustration for Crime SuspenStories #22]: This seems to be a man with a bloody ax holding a woman’s head up which has been severed from her body. Do you think that is in good taste?

Mr. Gaines: Yes, sir, I do, for the cover of a horror comic....

Sen. Kefauver: This is the July one [Crime SuspenStories #23]. It seems to be a man with a woman in a boat and he is choking her to death with a crowbar. Is that in good taste?

Mr. Gaines: I think so.


Fifty years ago this month, a comic-book publisher dared to defend his business before a panel of skeptical lawmakers. The publisher, William M. Gaines of the Entertaining Comics Group (EC), had asked to testify before the Senate Subcommittee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency. On the afternoon of April 21, 1954, Gaines took the stand in a Foley Square courtroom in lower Manhattan to tangle with Estes Kefauver, who had made his name (and the cover of TIME) chairing televised hearings on organized crime. In 1951 the Senator had exposed the Mafia to a nationwide audience. Now he would confront another menace: the purveyors of comic books that, one psychologist claimed, made kids go bad...

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Question: What do Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Landis, Joe Dante, Stephen King, R.L. Stine, Max Allen Collins and hundreds of other entertainment notables have in common? Answer: They are not only all fans of EC Comics, but also site the brand as major career inspirations. As "Tales From The Crypt," "The Vault of Horror," "The Haunt of Fear," "Crime SuspenStories," "Shock SuspenStories," "Weird Science," "Weird Fantasy," "Weird Science-Fantasy," "Incredible Science Fiction," "Panic," "Two-Fisted Tales," "Frontline Combat," "Psychoanalysis" and all the rest (save "Mad") are now fully available to license for film, radio and television productions, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to option or purchase these stories and titles for all related media purposes. Please review the information on this website, and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I can be reached either through the CONTACT page HERE, or directly at 818-891-2223.